“Firm held its first physical Partner’s Meet at its New Delhi office, The Leela Palace Hotel, Chanakyapuri. The focus of the meeting was to strengthen client relationships as they are the foremost brand ambassadors of the Firm, while prioritizing attention on new businesses and hiring of key practice area leaders. The Partners further deliberated, work-life balance, gender equality and strengthening internal operations for smooth functioning of workflow.

Mr. Mohit Saraf, Founder & Managing Partner also announced the joining of Mr. Chandan Sinha, former Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India, and former Director of State Bank of India as the Advisor to the Firm in relation to the Banking, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Payment and Settlement System, and Financial Market regulations. He also announced the joining of Mr. Sunil Srivastav, former Deputy Managing Director of State Bank of India, as Advisor on Corporate Banking, Restructuring and Resolution process both pre and post NCLT.

Mr. Sinha has vast experience of over 40 years in the banking & financial sector, while Mr. Sunil Srivastav, was associated with the State Bank of India for 38 years. Both Mr. Sinha and Mr. Srivastav serve as Independent Directors in many companies and bring their extensive experience in formulating growth strategies in the Banking and Financial sectors.

Mr. Saraf welcomed the joining of Mr. Singha and Mr. Srivastav and said that their joining will further strengthen their Banking and Finance, Restructuring and Financial Markets. “

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